Which gyms are included in Gympass?

Is my gym on Gympass?

If you want to discover your nearest gyms, look at the bottom of the screen for the option Nearby gyms and slide the screen up; Click on the gym you are interested in to check the activities offered and the plan it is included in.

What gyms are included in Gympass UK?

Gympass is a corporate wellness platform that offers you access to a network of over 2,000 fitness facilities, gyms and studios across the UK and Ireland, including DW Fitness First, Everyone Active and Bannatyne Health Club. You can visit some of the UK’s best leisure centres, boutique studios and gyms.

Can you go to multiple gyms with Gympass?

How many times can I visit a Gympass facility? Gympass offers you unlimited access on a daily basis to any facility in their network. Yes, this means you can visit the same gym every day!

How does Gympass work for gyms?

We offer you access to over 43,000 gyms across the World, so you can do any kind of sport you want wherever you are. Through your corporate benefit, you will be able to choose among different plans and activate the one that fits your need. You can go to the gym once a day. …

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Is David Lloyd part of Gympass?

Gympass, market leader in corporate fitness sales, has solidified its partnership with leading fitness operator Bannatyne Health Clubs, signing a three-year deal, following a successful 12-month partnership. … Lloyd: Gympass is the UK leader in corporate fitness sales.

Is Gympass only for companies?

However, unlike ClassPass’ BTC and B2B model, Gympass partners only with employers who then pay a flat fee for the platform (an app) which then allows their employees to choose from several wellbeing plans that give them access to myriad in-person gyms and studios, and a directory of health apps, such as Calm.

How much does Gympass cost UK?

Gympass plans start at just £7.99/month.

What gyms are included in Gympass Reddit?

What Do You Really Get With A Gympass Plan?

  • Gym highlights: Blink Fitness, Perfect Workout Gym, Forever Fitness F2. …
  • Gym highlights: YMCA Live, Steel Fitness, SWEAT Fitness Club. …
  • Gym highlights: SWERVE, Switch Playground, 9 Round. …
  • Gym highlights: F45, Mile High Run Club, The Barre Code.

Is Gympass free?

Take a class or work out solo – the choice is always yours. Choose a plan to fit your needs, starting at $9.99/month. Free trial for new members and zero cancellation fees. Free on-the-go nutrition, classes, virtual trainers, and therapy partners all included in your plan.

Can family members use Gympass?

Your family, specifically spouses, and children, can be added as dependents. Dependents can choose from the same Gympass plans offered to account holders. Plans start at only $9.99 a month. … Each family member will be able to check-in separately to their different gyms and studios.

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What does Gympass cost?

Gympass plans starting at $9.99/month

No signup or cancellation fees.

What apps are included with Gympass?

These apps include:

  • Mental health and motivatio n (Commune, Mindshine, and more)
  • Nutrition (Nootric, Meal Prep Pro, and more)
  • Pre-natal and post-natal workouts (Sworkit, Yogaia, and more)
  • Meditation and sleep support (Calm, Zen, Wellness Coach, and more)
  • Therapy (iFeel, Healing Clouds)
  • Smoking cessation (MindCotine)

Is Gympass real?

Gympass is a membership health and fitness provider

Gympass offers its members unlimited access to a variety of different fitness programs. The company has established a network of 11,700 gyms that it works with. Members may choose from 570 different fitness activities to participate.