What are scales in CrossFit?

What Is a Scale? Turns out, there are two main variations of the movement: The front scale and the back scale. Both movements involve balancing on one leg and lifting the opposing leg out in front (front scale) or back behind you (back scale) while keeping your core engaged and arms in a “T” out to the side.

What is a scale exercise?

Scales are a class of basic gymnastic balance exercises in which the body remains straight while pivoting on a single leg. They get their name from the old-time weight measurement balance scales, where one side goes down as the other rises. As you can see in the photo, I’m not just standing on one leg.

Why is CrossFit scaling important?

A properly scaled workout safely maximizes relative intensity (load, speed, range of motion) to continue developing increased work capacity despite limitations. A long-term goal of scaling is creating the ability to perform workouts “as prescribed.”

What is a scaled CrossFit competition?

In terms of the Spring Classic, a beginner/scaled means that you have not yet mastered advanced movements and gymnastics. There will be no box jumps and no activity traditionally done from a rig (toes to bar, pull-ups, etc.)

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What does Rx and scaled mean in CrossFit?

Rx is described as a prescribed workout or “as written”. Scaled is a modification of that version, but not necessarily an easier version. When deciding to Rx a workout remember that there is a stimulus for the workout (power and stamina, paced effort, building strength, etc).

What are 4 ways to scale exercise?

Four Ways to Scale Pull-Ups Without Bands

  1. The Inverted Row. With a barbell in the rack (at roughly the height used to perform a bench press), hang under the bar with straight legs, heels together and hips forward in a globally extended position. …
  2. Partner-Assisted Strict Pull-Up. …
  3. Negatives. …
  4. The Ring Row.

What are scaling options?

Scaling involves splitting your position into separate tiers and entering at different prices. You enter some now and then wait for a better price before entering the rest later. Typically we refer to it as scaling in.

What is scaled division?

scale division means the value, in units of mass, of the smallest subdivision or unit that can be indicated by a scale.

Is there a scaled CrossFit Games?

2015 is going to be a landmark year for the CrossFit Games. The qualifying process for both the new ‘super Regionals’ and the Games has been completely revamped, there is a new Scaled and Teen division and for the first time in four years someone not named Rich Froning is going to win the title of Fittest Man on Earth.

What does WD mean in CrossFit?

The Leaderboard, presented by Western Digital, shows how you rank in relation to your peers.

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What is Amrap in CrossFit?

Another common term you’ll hear is AMRAP, which stands for as many rounds as possible, as many reps as possible, or as many rounds and reps as possible.

What does PS mean in CrossFit?

PS stands for Power Snatch. The Power Snatch is a snatch without a squat. Many top CrossFit workouts include the Power Snatch, or something similar. PU. PU usually refers to pull-ups in CrossFit, but can also refer to push-ups in some cases depending on context.