logo_turnUtilizing the Surfset board, this 45-minute small group session provides a fun, new, extreme surf-inspired workout that mimics the movements of surfing without the water. Get a lean, strong, agile body of a surfer while having fun in this high-energy, interval training session. Appropriate for intermediate fitness level.


surfset fitness board

Imagine combining the cardio benefits of spinning with the strength and versatility of TRX® suspension training and fun had in a Zumba class but all on an unstable surface.

SURFSET Fitness Richmond VA

Why Surf Set?

      • Cardio
      • Flexibility
      • Agility
      • Power
      • FUN


Shake up the way you look and the way you work out.  SURFSET® Fitness has created a fun, new, extreme surf-inspired workout that mimics the movements of surfing without the water.  Surfers possess total body strength, from their long lean muscles to their ripped abs.  The SURFSET® Fitness workout gives you the tools to carve the surfer body you have always wanted by integrating balance, core strength, cardio, flexibility, agility & power, all while torching unwanted body fat in high intensity intervals. The program combines rotational core training with isometric movements to build a lean torso, and gets the heartrate elevated with Wave Runners, Shark Kicks, Duck Dives and of course, the signature surf move…the Pop-up.

The instability of the RipSurfer X® (the SURFSET board) will improve your athleticism by forcing your core to constantly react to a dynamically shifting platform. Although we paddle out to the ocean anytime we get the chance, the benefits of a single SURFSET® session make being on land worth it, burning anywhere from 500-900 calories in just 45 minutes…the same results you would get from a few hours of surfing.


See how it works!


Are you ready for your surf-inspired workout?

SURFSET® Fitness was featured on ABC's hit show Shark Tank, where billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban took an active interest in SURFSET's powerful growth story. The program is making waves in fitness studios and gyms across the nation, and is featured at Crunch Gyms in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and the San Francisco/Bay Area.